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Koozo sofas are manufactured in Belgium and characterized by a design with a strong architectural presence that stands in the spirit of time changes. The sofas are manufactured in a factory that employs people with disabilities and receives government subsidy that allows the purchaser an affordable price, all without compromising comfort and quality finish.
The company offers multiple sofa sizes that allow maximum adjustment for any
apartment size.



Furniture by Freifrau can be experienced multi-sensual.   Scented wood, supple leather and soft fabrics complete the design of Leya, Amelie, Stella & Co.
The production relies on traditional craftsmanship – all products are manufactured in Germany. The use of carefully selected and durable materials emphasizes the ecological awareness of the company and ensures that future generations are also able to enjoy Freifrau furniture.

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Piure's collection is characterized by three main items: buffets, shelves and cabinets.
The Piure system is manufactured in Germany and offers freedom of design alongside high quality materials, high-tech  look and refined simplicity.

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An airy, colorful and factional is the philosophical spirit behind the Gaga & Design who are seeking to find the right balance between beautiful objects and functional furniture. Playing with material and textiles and visual weight.
Gaga and Design is a subsidiary of Primitive, founded by Avi Bourla, in cooperation with Israeli industrial designers such as Yaakov Kaufman, Neil Nenner, Rami Tarif and Tal Gur who are committed to a quality and usable product.



Thonet's unique success story began with the work of Master Michael Thonet who was able to make the transition from hand-made furniture to industrial production. Michael Thonet  made a breakthrough in industrial production in 1859 in Vienna with chair No. 14 - the chair of Vienna, whose wood bending made a revolution in the field of furniture production. The company is known for its cooperation with leading architects whose designs have become classics in the world of design.



As a small but delicate furniture manufacturer, Janua meets the challenge of custom made furniture every day. Their work reflects accurate work with customized products according to customer requirements.

Janua materiality plays a big roll in the furniture characteristic, using solid or recycled wood in different contrasts.  



A marriage between simplicity and rigor best describes the yamakawa design. It is the very soul of  Yamakawa’s design language and identity. It is a subtle play on irregularities and asymmetries on one hand, and an inspiration from the concept of fullness and emptiness of Japanese culture on the other hand. This combination has resulted in a unique and strong identity, highly distinctive and recognizable among all others. The company was founded in 1952 – furniture designed by Mr. Izuru Yamakawa.



A young German company who has launched a flexible shelving system by designer Klaus Kiefer.
A friendly system, which can be assembled without work tool.
By using Mocoba computer program it is possible to create  endless possibilities for a perfect match.



Horm offers a "contemporary design " style, influenced by the everyday life of people eat, work, rest, sleep and entertain. This is Horm's pursuit to create comfortable and exciting space that meets the needs of human ergonomics.


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Primitive presents an eclectic vision in  house design, combining ethnic items near modern furniture.
From tribal to modern art.
A variety of ethnic items from the tribal Indonesian villages, original and unique.
In addition, we make custom furniture made of recycled teak wood.



Over the years, Primitive has exhibited changing exhibitions of Israeli art, as well as the work
of industrial designers who create innovative and kicking art.
Visit us and discover original Israeli art and design.

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